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Underwater Treasures

Underwater Treasures
Animal Magnetism: First Evidence that Magnetism Helps Salmon Find Home  (Mar 2013) 
Face to Face with Great White Sharks  (May 2011) 
Marine Stock Depletion Demands Responsible Action   (Jan 2011) 
Algae for Biofuels: Promise to Reality, but How Fast?   (Dec 2010) 
Marine Habitats Risk Irreversible Damage   (Dec 2010) 
Data Informs Atlantic Sturgeon Recovery Efforts   (Nov 2010) 
Adieu, Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna?   (Apr 2010) 
Diet of the Great White Shark   (Nov 2009) 
Acid Oceans Altering Marine Life   (May 2009) 
Ancient Oceans Reveal Secrets about Survival of Life   (Apr 2009) 
Scientists Join Forces for Regional Fisheries Research   (Jan 2009) 
Reducing Burrowing Shrimps’ Impact on Oyster Production   (Jun 2008) 
Ocean Reef Predators   (Mar 2008) 
Battle to Save the Dugongs   (Dec 2007) 
Shark Teeth: Form and Function   (Dec 2006) 
Global Warming Threatening Delicate Coral Reefs   (Sep 2006) 
The Social Lives of Hammerheads   (Jun 2006) 
The Mako: Most Picturesque of All the Sharks   (Dec 2005) 
A Startling New Deep-Sea Thermal Vent   (Nov 2005) 
Drugs From the Deep Blue   (Oct 2005) 
A Breakthrough in Understanding How Deep-Sea Animals Survive   (Aug 2005) 
Tale of Whales: Watching and Studying Creatures of the Deep   (May 2005) 
New Hydrothermal Vents Discovered   (Feb 2005) 
Sharks: Dangerous or Endangered?   (Jan 2004) 
A Marine Wonder of the World   (Nov 2002) [Bay of Fundy]
Lumpfish   (Nov 2002) 
Nudibranchs   (Nov 2002) [sea slugs]
Ocean Pout   (Nov 2002) 
Stars of the Sea   (Jul 2002) [starfish]
Miracles Among the Mangroves   (Jul 2001) [mangrove rivulus (type of fish)]
Barnacle Bonanza   (Jun 2001) 
An Undersea Recluse in the Limelight   (Oct 1999) [American lobster]
Run, Salmon, Run   (Sep 1999) 
Treasures in Shells   (Jul 1999) [oysters]
Long Arms of the Deep   (Sep 1998) [squid]
Canaries of the Sea   (Jan 1998) [beluga whales]
Legendary Bearers of the Sea Gods   (Sep 1997) [sea horses]
Aquatic Cows   (Nov 1996) [manatees]
Ancient Relicts of American Waters   (Sep 1996) [gars (type of fish)]
Stingers in the Sea   (Mar 1996) [jellyfish]
Underwater Paradise   (Nov 1995) [coral reef]
An Ancient Survivor   (Jun 1995) [horseshoe crabs]
Marine Predator Extraordinaire   (Nov 1994) [great white shark]
Giant Forests of the Sea   (Jul 1994) [giant kelp]
At Home in the Dark   (Apr 1994) [cave fish]
Musseling In   (Oct 1992) [zebra mussel]
Leviathans of the Sea   (Jul 1992) [humpback whale]
Deep Sea Hot Springs   (Jun 1991) [black smokers / hydrothermal vents]
Relative, Robber, Resource   (Mar 1991) [hagfish]
Gifts From the Sea   (Nov 1990) [seashells, mollusks]
Deep Divers of the Antarctic   (May 1989) [Weddell seals]
Marine Creatures Small and Great   (Feb 1989) [picophytoplankton]
Chambers to the Past   (Oct 1988) [nautilus (mollusk)]
Tunicate Pharmacopoeia   (Sep 1988) [tunicates / sea squirts / ascidians]
In Search of Dolphin Realities   (Jun 1988) 
Fish Out of Water   (Aug 1987) [mudskippers]
Secrets Below the Seas   (Nov 1986) [plate tectonics, hydrothermal vents]

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