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 Ganvie: the Venice of Africa
 On Safari in the Kalahari
   Burkina Faso
 Gold of Loropeni
 The Painting Ladies of Tagasango
 A Holy Mountain
 Tourists Continue Flocking to Egypt
 High Adventure on the Dark Continent
 Knocking on Heaven's Door: Smelling the Roses on Mount Kenya
 'Forest in a Sack'
 Mali, Mud, and Infidels
 Timbuktu: Into the Sahara
 Mauritania's Conservation Coast
 Jewel in the Indian Ocean
 A Hidden Valley in Morocco
 An Amazigh Wedding at the Edge of the Moroccan Desert
 In a Moroccan Tizzy: Hiking in the Atlas Mountains
 The Marrakesh Medina
 Desolate Beauty: Only the Hardy Thrive in the Stark Namibia Desert
 Dunes, Diamonds, and Dolphins: A Visit to Namibia
 Tracking Rhinos to Save the Herd
 The Isle of No Return: A Senegalese Base for Slave Trading
   South Africa
 African Gateway: South Africa's Cape Town
 Celebrating Life in Southern Africa
 The Wines and Wine Country of South Africa
 Kilimanjaro: The Inner Peak
 Noah's Ark of Africa
 Zanzibar Dreams
 Cosmopolitan Tunisia: Muslim Democracy Has a 3,000-Year History
 Tourism Rescuing Tunisia
 Winged African Safari: The Ultimate Travel Adventure!
 Rafting the Mighty Zambezi
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