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  Your Search: Stephen Henkin
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Date Range: 1/1/1986 ~ 6/15/2016  
Total Matches:  96 Documents  
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Article # Title (Click on title to view full text) Author
21538 Born in Frost and Wave: The North Norway Festival Stephen Henkin
Far beyond the Arctic Circle, an annual festival brings cutting-edge arts to northern Norway, helping to bind distant communities together through a shared creative ...

Section: THE ARTS, Relevance:, Issue Date: 11 / 2001

21737 Craft Circuit Life: On the Road Again Stephen Henkin
Each year, thousands of craftspeople crisscross America in vans and mobile homes, selling their artworks at craft fairs both big and small. These "artists of the highway" pay ...

Section: THE ARTS, Relevance:, Issue Date: 2 / 2002

21798 Grand Ole Opry at 75: Playing to America's Heart Stephen Henkin
The sturdy pioneers who crossed the Appalachians and settled in what is now Tennessee brought with them fiddles, stories, music, and something more--a love of freedom and a deep ...

Section: THE ARTS, Relevance:, Issue Date: 2 / 2001

22009 Algonquin: Art in the Wilderness Stephen Henkin
Building upon the tradition of the Group of Seven, Canada''s gifted 1920s nature painters, adventuresome artists are once again capturing the magnificence of Algonquin ...

Section: THE ARTS, Relevance:, Issue Date: 3 / 2002

22391 Dancing the Silk Road Stephen Henkin
Long ago and far away, the women along the Silk Road, from China to the Mediterranean, created colorful, evocative dance forms. Thanks to an inspired troupe in Washington, D.C., ...

Section: THE ARTS, Relevance:, Issue Date: 7 / 2002

22668 In Montreal, Comedy Is Serious Business: The Just For Laughs Festival Stephen Henkin
After twenty seasons, Just For Laughs, Montreal''s huge international comedy festival, is a must for any comic seeking stardom, as well as anyone craving a good ...

Section: THE ARTS, Relevance:, Issue Date: 11 / 2002

22878 Animators on the Edge: Ottawa Festival Pushes 'Toon Envelope' Stephen Henkin
Every school has a few--those intensely creative types who just don''t seem to fit in with the program. Rather than attend pep rallies, they''d prefer to do some extra work in ...

Section: THE ARTS, Relevance:, Issue Date: 2 / 2003

23113 Ron Fleming and Binh Pho: Attractive Opposites Stephen Henkin
Two talented artists, one from Oklahoma, the other from Vietnam, begin creating turned-wood vessels but go off in stylistically contrasting directions. The results are both ...

Section: THE ARTS, Relevance:, Issue Date: 6 / 2003

23422 Jon Sawyer: In Touch With the Tides Stephen Henkin
Veteran artist Jon Sawyer is capturing icons of New Brunswick''s Bay of Fundy in his lustrous work; as the only full-time glassblower east of Quebec, he has become something ...

Section: THE ARTS, Relevance:, Issue Date: 10 / 2003

23524 'Hold Off on the Hanging': Peacemakers Examines the Evidence Stephen Henkin
For someone reared on such shoot-'em-up Western classics as Gunsmoke, Paladin, and The Bounty Hunter, the new series Peacemakers, on USA Network, comes as a refreshing change. ...

Section: THE ARTS, Relevance:, Issue Date: 12 / 2003

23764 Fluff and the Right Stuff: Friends and Carnivale Stephen Henkin
If NBC''s soon-to-depart Friends is like a Chinese meal, leaving you hungry a half-hour later, HBO''s new dramatic series Carnivale is a feast for the mind, eye, and ...

Section: THE ARTS, Relevance:, Issue Date: 3 / 2004

23896 'ReImagine the World': The Photography of Andrea Baldeck Stephen Henkin
When asked why she shoots in black and white when color surrounds us, photographer Andrea Baldeck replies: "Color is seductive and we are drawn to its richness and variety, so ...

Section: THE ARTS, Relevance:, Issue Date: 6 / 2004

24456 The Citadel: Saladin's Fortress for the Ages Stephen Henkin
"Its land is gold, its people are sheep, and it belongs to whomever is strong enough to take it," said Gen. Amr ibn al-As in 639 to excuse the Arab conquest of Egypt. Amr set the ...

Section: CULTURE, Relevance:, Issue Date: 6 / 2005

24738 Taiwan's Performance Arts: A Rich Tradition Stephen Henkin
Like many of the economically developing countries of the Pacific Rim, the island nation of Taiwan struggles to balance its cultural traditions with its increasingly high-tech ...

Section: THE ARTS, Relevance:, Issue Date: 12 / 2005

24893 Damn Yankees Celebrates Two National Pastimes Stephen Henkin
One could reasonably argue that baseball is an art form. Like a theatrical production, the great American pastime is imbued with grace, intriguing players, challenges, ups and ...

Section: THE ARTS, Relevance:, Issue Date: 3 / 2006

26368 Norway in a Nutshell Stephen Henkin
Often considered a "dream destination" for vacationers near and far, Norway offers magnificent scenic vistas ranging from ocean to mountain to fjord, and cities and towns steeped ...

Section: LIFE, Relevance:, Issue Date: 9 / 2008

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