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  U.S. opinion on prominent issues is easy to come by, but what does the rest of the world think, and why? World Opinion is intended to expand the readerís perspective by understanding how those in other countries perceive what transpires around them.  
 Topic: Tumult in Uzbekistan
Introduction: The Uzbek Tinderbox

May 18, 2005 - The former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan was hit by violence early last month, pitting the authoritarian rule of President Islam Karimov against angry protesters who freed impris... more

Reactions From Media Sources Around the World:
BRITAIN The Blood of the Uzbeks, Hypocrisy of the West, and Last Great Oil Grab , Independent 5/18/2005
FRANCE Of Rebels and Tyrants, Liberation 5/18/2005
RUSSIA The U.S. Careful Not to Spoil Relations With an Ally, Izvestiya 5/18/2005
IRELAND Boiling Butcher's Bill Is Paid For by Bush, Irish Independent 5/17/2005
KAZAKHSTAN Andijan--Victory or Defeat?, Liter 5/17/2005
NETHERLANDS The Watchdog That Bites Too Hard, De Volkskrant 5/18/2005
SPAIN Uzbek Powder Keg, El Mundo 5/15/2005
UAE Silence Is Not Always Golden, Gulf News 5/16/2005
THAILAND The Big Trouble With Uzbekistan, Nation 5/18/2005
PAKISTAN Massacre in Uzbekistan, The Nation 5/17/2005
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